terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2011

A toast to my foreign fellows

  Since there's been so many people all over the world giving a click to this blog, I decided to make a post understandable for them... It's funny hum? When you get to check the statistics of your own personal blog and then you come across with the fact that someone elsewhere who doesn't even possibly know you is following your posts, thoughts... That would be more logical if I only had fellows from Portugal or maybe latin americans spanish speakers(which is quite like portuguese), but I also have fellows from USA, Europe, Australia, New Zeland, Russia, and Middle East!!! Then I ask myself what brings them to me? Is it the pics I post claiming their political non-acceptable methods and social treatment?
   I never hid my interest on learning different cultures. If I only could, I'd travel this whole world, exploring every piece, every corner, every sand and drop of water, edge by edge, carrying only my budget(big enough to gather stuff from everywhere I paced).
   It became easy to make friends worldwide, internet connects us all in a very particular way(Thanks Bill Gates), I can tell you, plenty of my secrets, feelings, agonies, I only share with people I do not know which will not judge me and condemn me... but the most stranged thing is: They understand me, better than ppl from my society, feels like if everybody leaned a hand to an equal there would be an eternal riddle dancing around the world and mocking it's imbecility, vainish, and it's unnecessary futile wars. We should be laughing at this. We are more than this. Globalization should never mean ambition, self interest... The word must sound like oath of brotherhood, so that peace would be no more a mistery... It's so easy to communicate, to make deals without spilling blood.
   I'm just about to leave to work, knowing that I'll have to face all over again the full stress and a reproach watchful eye as I turn the key and walk through the door. I mean, for NOW I've got a good boss(for this month, since the main boss in on vacancies,so that the second in hierarchy took the place) but still, he's a BOSS and bosses are always a pain in the ass lol. As I work with people I need to be patient(which I'm not at all), but I'm trying my best cuz they are the source of my money and surviving... all I need is peace, all WE need is peace to give the world a good round. Think of a random person as a relative because he(she) is relative to someone else, and you want your relatives to be treated well.
   Let's give a toast to peace!
   And wish me a good(and peaceful) work.



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