segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Moving on

   It's kind of funny the way things work out...You've been down and out, feeling hopeless and completly grumpy with your life [like the whole world around you was falling apart and you don't even seem to notice it because you are so deeply and confortably wrapped in the warmth of your own arms squeezing your legs against your chest inside your cocoon (where you can flinch, where you can cry, where you can fondle your wounds, where you can fight or accept the pain) that nothing else seems to be crystal clear...] and then, suddenly, things stop going wrong, you start to draw yourself together, you're finally able to gather up the pieces of your wasted soul... You feel like something is changing in you, and the world starts to move softly, you can glimpse beauty just before you, the beauty that keeps the world going on turning. And then you cast your fears aside, stand up for the world you have to face. You find out you can't defeat evil that men do alone. You also figure out that people might not be so bad, and opportunities have always been there when you were blind... When you get to meet the RIGHT people, the RIGHT job, the RIGHT place(where you belong) and finally recognize YOURSELF you realize how stupied you had been all the time for having wasted your time on worthless people and stuff. You start to CHARISH yourself, what brings peace to your soul. Your soul is your pet and pets need to be fed. By feeding your pet with rotten food("dismetaphorazing": bad people, bad companies, bad places, bad attitudes and so on...) he will get sick and possibly die, and so would your soul. So stop feeding your soul with wrong choices, wrong people, this will only waste and ravage your soul, making you feel guilty for the unhappiness. Go meet different people, go give them a chance to make you happier. Go reach for a new job if yours is not good enough. Go find out new places to go. Go start over new... But remember to keep your family and friends(real friends) because when everything is gone, NO ONE but them, will remain as your bedrock. forever...

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