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A Girly, a Girl, a Woman or a Bombshell...

  What style suits you best?

  This is a very tough question since we (women in general) have been adopting different styles in order to please our target (men, society, rivals...and so on) ... What means: Women's personality has been weakening all over the years and we don't even seem to notice it.

  A Girly: Girly girl is a slang term for a girl or woman who chooses to dress and behave in a traditionally feminine style, such as wearing dresses, blouses and skirts, and talking about relationships and other activities which are associated with the traditional gender role of a girl. (source: ).
Nowadays: A nymph, a smart girl claiming to be innocent.

  A Girl: A girl is any female human from birth through childhood and adolescence to attainment of adulthood. The term may also be used to mean a young woman. ( source: )
  Nowadays: an emo; a non virgin woman, someone attempting to be an adult.

  A Woman: A woman (/ˈwʊmən/), pl: women (/ˈwɪmɨn/) is a female human. The term woman is usually reserved for an adult, with the term girl being the usual term for a female child or adolescent . However, the term woman is also sometimes used to identify a female human, regardless of age, as in phrases such as "Women's Rights". (source: ).
  Nowadays: A well-succeded person, self confident, not attractive, ordinary person, a wife.

  A Bombshell: The term bombshell is a forerunner to the sex symbol and originally used to describe popular female sex icons recognized for their hourglass figures, their large breasts, sex appeal, and originally their blondness. ( source: )
  Nowadays: A slut, a whore, someone with a strong boyish instinct.

 In fact, there are so many ways to gather the four of them together without being vulgar or dirty. It has nothing to do with age. Woman is supposed to symbolize beauty for itself, harmony in every form.
  A nymph, in ancient Greece represented an innocent beautiful young girl, wandering free, swimming naked, wearing no attire, simply and naturally beautiful. However, the character has been used to represent young ladies urging for sex, wearing clothes suggesting  their sexual needs, making gestures with their body, mouth, and launching eye shoots, in order to arouse fantasy in the mind of a man. You can compare both pictures, the real nymph( right beside the text) and the modern nymph (up above the post).

  A young lady, used to be someone between 13 and 19. A meanwhile between childhood and adulthood. When the girl goes on a woman. When the beauty starts to emerge. Right now, it's so hard to find a 15 years old virgin girl, that the word "lady" makes no sense anymore. The young lady, became a stupied girl, filling the body with tatoos, with an overblown make up, making out with random boys( and sometimes, married men ) pretending they're respected for their attitude and personality(which is actually, lame and weak). Deeply inside, they know, they know it very well that nobody respects her, and that she's only acting that way because she wants to be seen, noted, taken, caressed, and somehow respected... But how could that be possible to someone to feed respect with someone who doesnt even take care of herself, who doesn't even take the best she has, who is trying to be someone she's not at all. Showing out an independent and confident girl when deep down she's needy, she wants the normal life she was never granted.

  A woman ( the regular image of the female human ) is the most similar portrait for comparison. The only difference lies on their won fight for their deserved rights. She's the wife, she's the mother, and now, she's the worker... She's the head of a family along with the husband, though they are not always satisfied with such a responsability. She wanted the rights exempt from duties. We have to understand that we are not THAT strong, it's beyond our nature, our strength is not supposed to be physical, but emotional. Let the men worldwide be physically strong... They need it to feed their ego, that's what they have been tought to, that's what they want to be... They DON'T want a woman to fight them, they really don't need it. They need an emotional support such as we need a physical support... Why are we trying to change this? The nature speaks for itself... Can you(woman) fix a flat tyre in a middle of a road? You maybe capable, but I bet my ass you woudn't if there's only a man with you. What I want to say is: We are capable of working, making money, settling deals, making our voices heard, without having to carry the same duties of a man. We have our own duties and that's enough. Like I said, nature speaks for itself, we already show physical strength when we give birth, this is a kind of strength, men will never experience, and trust me, it's good enough for them to believe in our strenght.

  The sexy, at last, the bombshell, is the one bearing the full misunderstandment from people. She, more then anybody, wants to be feminine, ladylike... Their goal is to look like the lady of this picture. But since there's no lake, no magical halos around them, and since they're not golden, they come along with their own way to go through. Which is: bitching around, having sex with many men, wearing small clothes(or no clothes), suggesting sex with their body, and whatever makes them desirable when they only want to be loved, the desire is a consequence. Of course they end up being desirable, but in a very rough way... As a toy, as a whore, as a fun night. Remember: I'm not mentioning celebrities, I'm talking about normal women, living the real life, out of the movies and it's illusions.

Thing is: There's a very simple secret behind all this shit. The REAL woman is the one able to be the girly, the girl, the woman and the bombshell at the same age. Knowing and recognizing the moment to reveal their sides. We must keep the innocence of a girly, the grace of a girl, the integrity of a woman, and the flame of the bombshell. THIS is the perfect woman. Does she exist? If so, there will be no man left in this world.

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